14 Items You Should Stow in Your Vehicle

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14 Items You Should Stow in Your Vehicle

Porsche is one of the most reliable automotive brands on the market. (In fact, reportedly 70% of Porsches in history are still running on the roads today. The third Porsche model ever built was just auctioned off to its newest driver this summer.) Porsches are built to withstand the test of time, allowing you to feel at ease knowing you can depend on your vehicle.

But no matter your choice of car brand, as a responsible driver, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Situations such as flat tires, dead car batteries and small accidents can happen to anyone, whether it be you or a loved one calling for your help. As the saying goes, it’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

We’ve compiled a quick list of suggestions for items to always have inside your vehicle (aside from your insurance card, registration information, and owner’s manual, of course), but please feel free to share your own tips and recommendations with us, as well.

1. A Thick, Warm Pair of Gloves with Grip

These will come in handy (no pun intended) if you ever find yourself on the side of the road. Not only will they protect you from getting painful frostbite in cold temperatures, they’ll offer your hands a padded cushion and better grip while changing a tire.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge

Just about every vehicle on the road today will tell you if you are losing tire pressure. Most will even tell you which tire is low and how many pounds of air it’s currently holding. This is enough to at least get you on your way to an air compressor, but accidentally overinflating your tires can be incredibly dangerous, too. Different vehicles require different amounts of air in their tires, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to find your manufacturer’s exact recommended amount. Keeping a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle is an easy, quick way to make sure you’re giving your tires the proper amount, no more, no less.

3. Jumper Cables

Whether for use on your own car or to help out a friend, it’s likely you will need jumper cables on more than one occasion in your lifetime. Be sure to store them safely in a protective bag to keep them from getting rusty, dirty or wet.

4. First Aid Kit

You can purchase a pre-made kit, or fill your own up with items like bandages, gauze, scissors, antiseptic, a whistle, mild pain relievers, and nonperishable snack items. Porsche fans can even purchase an official Porsche First Aid Kit at our dealership’s Porsche Boutique.

5. Spare Tire or a Tire Sealant Kit

It’s always best to be prepared. If you’re unsure of how to change a tire, the internet is full of helpful how-to videos. Otherwise, feel free to ask your favorite mechanic for a quick lesson.

6. Cell Phone Charger

Emergencies happen when you least expect them, and you do not want to find yourself stranded on the road without any way to call for help or use your smart phone’s GPS. In addition to the phone chargers you keep in your home, invest in a phone charger to permanently store inside your vehicle.

7. Lug Wrench

A large, X-shaped lug wrench will make your life much easier in the unfortunate event you need to change a tire.

8. Car Jack

Not only should you keep a car jack in your trunk, you should be sure to practice with it under supervision to ensure you know how to use it properly. Bonus tip: Keep a piece of 3/4” plywood to keep your car jack from sinking into soft ground during use.

9. Window Punch + Seatbelt Cutter

It may sound like an overkill, but its a smart safety tool to add to your in-car collection. Many companies offer a two-in-one version of this device that you can fit in your center console.

10. Warm Blanket

Especially with the winter months around the corner, blankets can be invaluable items to have on hand in the event you find yourself stuck on the roads. Not only will they keep you warm until help arrives, they can save your seats when transporting muddy or wet passengers. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll always be prepared for a picnic!

11. Dual-Tipped Ice Scraper with Snow Brush

Even when you find yourself in a rush this winter, always be sure to remove ice from your vehicle’s windshield and windows before driving. Don’t ignore any snow sitting on top of your hood or roof, either. Having limited visibility puts you and everyone around you in danger.

12. Roll of Quarters

Keep these in your center console or glovebox to avoid panic at unexpected tollways and to fill your tires at gas stations.

13. Shovel + Tire Traction

If it snows where you live, it never hurts to keep a small shovel in your trunk and some way to create traction for your tires. Some experts suggest keeping a bag of salt, sand, or even kitty litter in your vehicle to help your tires pull their way out of snow or ice, while others recommend investing in a tire traction mat.

14. Flashlight

A small-but-mighty flashlight won’t take up a lot of space in your car or cost you much, but could save you in the event you become stranded at night.


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