14 Questions Your Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a Vehicle

August 31st, 2018 by

We’ve all had this frustrating experience: You think you’re mentally prepared for an appointment,
and then you get back home and think of questions you wish you had thought to ask earlier.
Buying a car is a pretty significant event in your life. After all, you are making a decision that is
going to have an impact on your finances, your safety, and your day-to-day activities for years to

And although car shopping can seem like a daunting and intimidating process, we at Autohaus
of Peoria do our best to keep our customers informed, relaxed, and comfortable. (We also have
a great cafe where everything is complimentary, so thats an added bonus.)
But wherever you’re doing your car shopping, we are in the business of helping you feel more
prepared when you’re walking through the dealership’s doors. So- we’ve created a helpful list of
questions we advise you to consider asking your salesperson (if they are applicable to your
situation, of course). We hope they help you to feel more confident and at ease as you sign your
name on that dotted line.

1. Should I lease or finance? Which option better suits all of my needs?
2. Will I get a better deal if I trade, or sell my current vehicle privately?
3. What vehicle insurance options does your company offer, if any?
4. What will the manufacturer’s warranty cover?
5. How much of a down payment do you recommend putting down for this vehicle?
6. What will happen with the amount I still owe on my current vehicle?
7. What are all of the extra fees included on top of the listed price of the vehicle?
8. How long can I go between oil changes on this vehicle?
9. What cars do you most often recommend for teenagers/college students/etc.
10. What repairs should always be done by a professional? Which ones are ok to do at home?
11. What maintenance and repair services does your dealership provide?
12. Have I already been told all the details and history of this vehicle that you are aware of? The
13. Are there any small issues with the vehicle that you are aware of? (Speakers not working
100%, issues with locks, cigarette burns, small stains, chips in windshield that could turn into
cracks, etc.)
14. Does your dealership offer complimentary car washes for customers?

We wish you the very best of luck!