How to Boost Your MPG

August 31st, 2018 by

Summer is finally almost upon us! In our excitement for the season of vacations, road trips, and
general fun-having, we have put together some helpful tips for conserving and improving your
vehicle’s fuel economy. Follow these simple steps to improve your gas mileage, and to save
yourself time and money:

1. Clean Out Your Car.
Driving around every day with excess weight makes your engine work harder, burn fuel faster,
and hurts your fuel economy. Remove any bags or junk you’ve been collecting in your backseat
and trunk over the cold months.

2. Make Sure All Tires are Inflated Properly.
Not only will under-inflated tires heavily impact your fuel economy, they will will wear fast and
handle poorly. Improper tire pressure can be incredibly dangerous while driving, so you should
check tires regularly to make sure they are at your manufacturer’s recommendations (or have
us do it for you.)

3. Change Your Oil.
The quality and condition of your engine oil can affect your fuel economy, so you don’t want to
let it go too long between oil changes. This is especially true if you often take longer drives. Talk
to your dealership about your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

4. Do Your Best to Stay Calm Behind the Wheel.
Don’t accelerate too quickly, and don’t let road rage get the best of you. Aggressive driving,
rapid acceleration, and YES, speeding, can heavily impact your gas mileage (some sources say
as much as 33%!). Do your best to accelerate slowly and gently.

5. Understand Cruise Control.
There is a myth that turning on your cruise control is always a good idea and will save you fuel.
However, this unfortunately is not the case. Cruise control is perfect if you are on continuously
flat and level roads, but on trips with quick variations in terrain and inclines, it’s better to lay off.

6. Avoid Traffic.
This one is much more challenging to do, but avoid sitting in traffic if at all possible. There are
several free Apps you can download to your smartphone that detect heavy traffic and try to alter
your route for you.

7. Replace Your Air Filter.
Doing this within your manufacturer’s recommended replacement time frame will give your
overall fuel efficiency a big boost. A clogged air filter has to work twice as hard to draw in air to
mix with your fuel. This will increase the consumption of fuel and thus, lower your gas mileage.
(Don’t brush this one off, CarBibles claims replacing your air filter can improve your gas mileage
by 15%.)

8. Keep Your Windows up on the Highway.
It may be fun to drive with the windows down on the highway, but while you’re feeling the wind
in your hair, your wallet is feeling your increased fuel spending. Open windows at higher speeds
cause some serious drag. However, choosing to open the windows and turn off the AC when
you’re at low speeds is a smart way to conserve, too.

Need more advice on what maintenance your vehicle needs for optimal fuel efficiency? We’re
more than happy to help at Autohaus of Peoria. Reach us at 309-243-7000!