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Purchasing a new vehicle is a major investment. For most of us, our vehicles are the most expensive things we own, next to our homes. But depending on your personal taste and lifestyle, owning a car might not actually be your best bet. This may be especially true if you find yourself shopping in the luxury vehicle market, specifically Porsche.

Porsche offers a program called Preferred Leasing, which allows Porsche fans to obtain that universally-coveted Porsche emblem and all that it represents, but with less commitment.

The Porsche Preferred Lease program provides their drivers with flexible, appealing terms and more manageable monthly payments than you would find in owning the same vehicle. Typically, the program includes both new and pre-owned Porsche models that were manufactured within the last five years. Whether it be a coupe, SUV, sedan, or convertible, that Porsche you’ve been fantasizing about is no longer just a dream.

When you become the owner of any vehicle, you become responsible for its maintenance and repairs. But with a lease, the major mechanical malfunctions covered in your lease agreement are lifted off your shoulders (and wallet), making it less nerve-wracking to drive than ever before. (However, we do have to admit this isn’t the best argument against purchasing a Porsche, as Porsches are some of the most reliable vehicles in the industry. Fun fact: 70% of all the cars Porsche has ever made are still running on the road today.)

Perhaps more impressively, your monthly payments on a lease can be significantly lower than through conventional financing. (Although, again, Porsche Financial Services are surprisingly painless.) Instead of spreading the entire cost of the vehicle into monthly payments, you would only be responsible for the difference between your vehicle’s start cost and its residual value at the end of your lease term. In simple terms, you’re only paying for your Porsche while you’re using it, not for its entire life on the road.

Another attractive part of the Porsche Preferred Leasing program is the minimal initial cash required to leave our lot in your dream car. In fact, it’s typical for no security deposit to be required at all. This means you can reallocate some of that cash from what would have been a large down payment, and spread it across your monthly payments instead. If you use your Porsche for business purposes, you could potentially save even more, as leasing contracts can sometimes provide drivers with substantial tax benefits depending on your terms and where you live. There are also measures available to protect you in the event of accident, total loss or theft.

Your costs can also vary depending on how much you drive. If you mostly drive in town and plan on keeping the road trips to a minimum, selecting a lower-mileage lease agreement can lower your monthly payments even more. With flexible packaging and a knowledgeable Porsche staff, we’ll help you settle on a mileage option that best suits your individual driving needs.

But your personalization options with regards to payment fortunately don’t end there. Porsche Direct Pay makes leasing a Porsche look even more appetizing with a convenient automatic monthly payment deduction from your designated account. The Single Payment Lease is another alternative, allowing you to make one lump sum payment when you sign your lease agreement. Imagine walking away with your new car keys, and never needing to think of payment again until your lease is set to expire. This is truly the pinnacle of luxury driving.

Leasing is a dream-come-true for those drivers who love upgrading their vehicle often, as newer models hit the dealerships. Or, perhaps, for a Porsche fan who would like to get their hands on a variety of models. By opting for leasing over buying, you can have the best of ALL worlds, much easier; Drive a sporty new 911 or pre-owned Boxster for a couple years, switch to a Cayenne or Macan, and then experience a new Panamera or 718 Cayman. No need to worry about the hassles of resale or trading, and no need to take an unexpected financial hit.

For example, with the company’s current leasing offers, you could be driving a gorgeous, brand new 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman for 24 months for just $699/month after putting down under $7,000 at signing.

Porsche models traditionally have some of the automotive world’s strongest and longest-term high residual value levels, making the brand an excellent candidate for luxury leasing.

To learn more about leasing with Porsche, contact us at Porsche of Peoria. We will be happy to assist you and answer any and all questions you may have. We are looking forward to handing you the keys to your dream car.

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