The Porsche Club of America

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Own a Porsche? Join the club.


The Porsche Club of America is a non-profit, exclusive organization for Porsche owners, with a very sweet backstory dating all the way back to 1953. When Bill Sholar purchased his dream car, a 1953 356 Coupe, he and other Porsche drivers would flash their headlights as a silent hello as they passed each other on the road. Longing to have a more personal and meaningful interaction with these drivers where they could discuss their knowledge and passion for rare and special cars, Sholar organized the first unofficial meeting held on February 8th, 1955. This meet-up was such a hit with attending Porsche owners that many more get-togethers came to follow throughout the spring and summer, and finally, an official Porsche club was formed. 

That small collection of enthusiasts from Washington, D.C. has grown to become the largest single-marque car club in the world, with 14 zones, 145 regions, and more than 130,000 current members across North America.

The Porsche Club of America dedicates itself to enhancing the Porsche ownership experience, and offers something of value to each and every enthusiast. Members of the club receive a long list of perks including complimentary monthly magazine subscriptions and special access to Porsche websites, online marketplaces, and technology Q&A forums that have experts waiting and ready to answer any and all of your Porsche-related questions. Membership also includes invitations to many regional and national events happening every month, group tours and international vacations, programs to insure and properly care for your car, members-only access to Porsche factories, museums, and even Porsche research and development units. Club members can enter racing programs for any Porsche model, enter exclusive raffles (including one every spring and fall with a giveaway prize of a brand new Porsche), enjoy discounts on certain purchases, and take Porsche driver’s education classes. Enjoy elaborate parades and fine-dining, as well as other social events with like-minded Porsche fanatics. Be one of the first to see new Porsche launches and previews of new vehicles not yet released to the public. Turn all heads around you with your Porsche Club of America car window decal and credit card. Even see special edition Porsches that have been created specifically for the club.

So, what will it set you back to join?: Hardly anything, considering.

The cost of joining the Porsche Club of America is surprisingly small, especially considering all the membership perks and the high price tags of the world-renowned brand’s vehicles. All that those interested in becoming members need to do is submit an application online, and choose between a 1-year membership ($46), 2-year membership ($90), or a 3-year membership ($132). You’ll also need to be at least 18 years of age and, of course, own, co-own, or hold a lease on a Porsche. Members of the club can also sign up a second member for no additional cost to either of you, but good luck choosing who your +1 will be.

Not wanting to leave all the fun only to the grownups, the club also has a membership program for Porsche enthusiasts 18 years of age and under. This club is completely free to join (and welcomes you with a pretty cool gift basket), but you must be registered by an existing member of the Porsche Club of America.

If you don’t have your own Porsche but are still a big fan of the brand, there’s some fun left for you, too. The Porsche Club of America also offers a PCA Test Drive program, which is essentially a mini-membership to the club.

The Porsche Club of America has done an excellent job of building an entire community around the feeling of owning a Porsche, and allowing people across the country to make new friends, share unique experiences, and have a feeling of a genuine camaraderie.

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